Who is the transgender Miss Universe contestant? 

Ponce made history on 29 June 2018 as the first openly transgender woman to be crowned Miss Spain. She represented her country at Miss Universe 2018 as the first openly transgender contestant competing for the title.

Ángela Ponce
Eye color Light Blue

Who won the Miss USA 2022 pageant? The following day, it was confirmed that the pageant would be held at the Grand Sierra Resort on October 3. Crystle Stewart confirmed that the location was chosen to honor Cheslie Kryst, whom had been crowned Miss USA 2019 in the same venue and had committed suicide in January 2022.

Who is the first transgender beauty queen? 

Joshi won the Miss World Diversity beauty pageant three times in a row. She is India’s first transgender cover model. She is the world’s first trans woman to win an international beauty pageant with cisgender women.

Naaz Joshi
Agency MIHM

Who is the new Miss America 2021? After a bit of a hiatus, there’s a new Miss America dethroning Camille Schrier after a two-year reign: Miss Alaska Emma Broyles.

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How old is Emma Broyles?

21 years (July 25, 2001)
Emma Broyles / Age

Who is the new Miss USA?

Her rapid ascent from first-time beauty pageant contestant to winning the Miss USA title may seem like a fairytale, but Elle Smith, a 23-year-old former news reporter at WHAS TV in Louisville and graduate of the University of Kentucky, had a clear vision that led to the crown.

Who is new Miss America?

Emma Broyles Alaska

Who is Miss America right now?

Current titleholder Camille Schrier, Miss America 2020, held the role for an extra year as the COVID-19 pandemic continued. Scroll through for photos of each Miss America through the years, beginning in 1921. Miss America 1921: Margaret Gorman, Miss Washington, D.C.

Is Miss America 2022 televised?

Watch as the most beautiful women across the nation return in December 2022 to compete in the Miss America pageant at the Mohican Sun Arena in Connecticut. It’s expected that, like last year, Miss America will be livestreamed on NBCUniversal’s Peacock across all time zones.