Who is richer between Marvel and DC? Marvel It has produced 48 movies that grossed $11.8 million in total. North America. (All (Revisions made.) DC has 29 movies that cost just $6.7 billion.. HoweverBreak down the data and It comes with a few caveats, as you’ll see.

How much did Vin Diesel Get paid for your work Groot? The The actor was well compensated for his portrayal of the character. As According to reports, he was paid an astonishing $12,000 $54.5 MillionThis means that every movie that is produced by the company will receive a cool $13 million. Groot It has been featured in.

How much does Tom Holland Make a movie? He Regularly earns a base wage of $4 million to $5million per movie, but rumors have it he grossed roughly $10 million for “No Way Home,” per The U.S. Sun.

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How much did Zendaya Get paid for your work No Way Home?

According To Puck. news (via Culture Crave Twitter account), Zendaya You will be paid a staggering salary of $11 million or $13 millions To headline the project.

How much money does Zendaya make?

According To Celebrity Net Worth, Zendaya is Worth every penny $20 Million!

Is Tom Holland A Millionaire?

Tom Holland’s net worth is $18 million. His most notable film role to date is As Spiderman In several Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. His Today’s base salary per movie is $4-5 million.

How Much more is BTS worth?

What is BTS’s net worth? According 2020 Forbes Report, all the accolades, performances and royalties from world tours and BTS ads add up to a total net worth of USD 50 Million.

How much money does Ariana Grande What is the best way to spend a year?

Grande’s Her work type determines her annual income. Between June 2019 and June 2020: She made $72 million for her music and According to ForbesHowever, her average annual salary is $70,000 is reportedly between The $20 million – $30 million range.

What is Taylor Swift’s salary?

Forbes 2019: Taylor Swift Is The World’s Highest-Paid Celebrity With $185 Million In 2019 (pretax income).

How much does Cardi What is B worth in a year?

In 2018 saw her net worth reach $8 million and By 2019, it was $12 million. Between 2018 and 2019 alone, she earned a staggering $28 million before taxes.

Who is The richest ever rapper?

Kanye West

Who is richer Beyonce Or Jay-Z?

In It was reported that 2021 would be the year. Beyoncé’s net worth was valued at $450 million. Jay-Z In 2019, officially became a billionaire. Now According to his real-time networth in 2022, Forbes is Estimated at $1.3 billion

Who is richer Offset Or Cardi B?

But Who is richer between Both? Is It Cardi B or Offset? As According to foxbusiess.com Cardi B is A net worth of $24,000,000 Whereas, Offset’s According to Forbes, net worth is $26 million Celebrity Net Worth.