Who has slept with the most males in a day? Lisa Sparks An american lady holds the World record for sleeping with the Most partners in a day. This At a There is fierce competition between Lisa Sparks Two other women. One One of them was the Previous record-holder, who had banged only 759 males in a day.

Why Are men allowed to ask you for your body count? Asking someone, “What’s What is your body count?” “Is asking someone to count their body?”How You have been around many people before I met you. Is it worth me adding to this number? We They have been a Society where there are many people a Woman has Had sex with She will outweigh any other quality about her and will be the The main thing she will always be remembered for is

Does What counts as body count oral? Yes, but only when one is referring to their magic number, i.e. the Number of intercourses you’ve had with people withYou cannot include oral instances without penetration. You Can count instances of oral with penetration or just penetration. Note This is not cumulative.