What is wrong with Alexis face on the ultimatum? Alexis has not confirmed having plastic surgery, but fans assume she has undergone Botox. She looks significantly different since photos in 2018, but this could be put down to natural aging as she recently entered her late twenties.

Are Alexis and Hunter still together from the ultimatum? Alexis Maloney and Hunter Parr are officially husband and wife! The longtime couple, who appeared on the debut season of Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, have tied the knot.

Are Nate and Lauren still together The Ultimatum? Before that, we didn’t have much save for one of Nate’s recent Instagram Stories, in which he made a vague reference to “my girl” when talking about Lauren. And then the reunion dropped, and we got a full-on confirmation. We learn that Lauren and Nate remain engaged and have gone to therapy together.

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Which ultimatum couples are still together?

Those two pairs, Hunter and Alexis, and Lauren and Nate, were still together during the reunion. According to Nate and Alexis’ Instagrams, both couples are still together as of writing.

Does Hunter stay with Alexis?

Yes! After getting engaged on the show, Alexis and Hunter are still together today. And, they’re now Instagram official.

Who does Hunter end up with in The Ultimatum?

THE FINALE: Alexis issued an ultimatum to Hunter after dating for two years. They were the first to get engaged during the switch-off dinner, which began in Episode 2 and ended in Episode 3, and subsequently left the show. THE REUNION: They’re still engaged, and the wedding is set for June.

Who ends up together in The Ultimatum?

In the finale, Randall did propose to Shanique who said yes. In the reunion episode, however, we learn that Shanique and Randall broke up for six months after the show, despite this engagement. They spent time apart before getting back together.

Was Madelyn pregnant during The Ultimatum?

not pregnant during filming.” Madlyn and Colby also told E! News in an exclusive interview that they were pregnant “three months” after filming ended. “The show ended in May,” Madlyn said in an interview posted on April 13, “And I got pregnant in August.” “We’re taking on life together,” she added.