What is the Fakest show on HGTV? 

Is Hometown staged? Anything Custom-made for a house is Given to the Family, but Most of the If homeowners are not willing to pay an additional fee, staged items will be taken back.. It may seem deceptive. But HGTV fans need to know that they should not believe everything they see. on Renovation shows.

What is the Most people watched HGTV show? Good Bones

Since the show The first episode aired in 2016. They’ve renovated almost 90 homes and back in 2020, HGTV reported. Good Bones is the Number one most-watched series on HGTV GO has generated over 5.7 million video views across HGTV’s social media accounts.

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How How much does it take to be on Home Town?

100 Day Dream Home Starts with a budget starting at $300,000. Every client is different so we can tailor our services to suit their needs. the Design will rise from there. And Since the Homeowners are not privy to the Work that is occurring on the Each “reveal” of property is It’s a surprise.

Is Home Town Coming back in 2022

Aside From bringing “Home Town”Back for Season 7 more in this year? stars Ben And Erin Napier You are also fronting a new HGTV show, “Home Town Kickstart”The premiere of the film will be in 2022.

What It happened Ben And Erin on Home Town?

Ben And Erin Engaged in September 2007 Tie the Knot in November 2008. After Renovation of their home the Two caught the eye of HGTV who offered them a show. Home Town Inaugurated in January 2016 and features renovations within their hometown Laurel, Mississippi.

What It happened Mike the floor guy on Home Town?

Mike Most of the time, was out the Season with decades-long hip injuries, still awaiting surgery,” Erin Tweeted in March 2021. “There These are just a few of the fleeting appearances! He Had surgery last month. is doing well, we’ve heard.”

What is Erin Napier Do it now

Ben And Erin Napier They are back with a new HGTV series What We know a lot about “Home Town Kickstart’ Your Favorite HGTV couple Ben And Erin NapierThey are back!This is “So big!” ErinAnonymous Artist and graphic designerIn an exclusive sneak peek of Napier’s New show “Home Town Kickstart” published by People on Sunday.

Is Erin Napier ill?

Erin It was revealed that She was diagnosed as having a perforated appendix. Fast-forward 8 year and the Home Town Takeover Star is Still experiencing troubling symptoms. The Touching subject is Even a topic she has included in Make Something Good TodayA Memoir, the Book she and Ben wrote.

Are Ben And Erin still married?

Erin And Ben’s The fairytale romance has been redeemed the It’s a test of time! The Design duo are happily married Renovating around the world? Mississippi. Ben He landed his own spinoff Home Town: Ben’s WorkshopIn 2021. Another Spinoff called Home Town Takeover The same year, it was aired.

Do Ben And Erin still live in Laurel Mississippi?

Erin Napier And Ben Napier They have become one of HGTV’s most beloved couples thanks to their hit show, Home Town. The pair are home-improvement experts who live in the Historic district of Laurel, Mississippi.

What Does Ben And Erin Make one episode?

With this, Ben And Erin Are reportedly making $30,000 per episode. Apart Their television endeavors. the Napier’s You can make an income from your work Laurel Mercantile Shop sells home appliances, decors and other products. They Also, the Scotsman General Store. These Their $4 million fortune is largely due to their businesses.