What is Quoiromantic? Being I am unable to comprehend romantic attraction as a concept.. Finding The concept of attraction should be considered inaccessible, non-applicable, or absurd.

What is You can find more information at Recipromantic? Recipromantic: A person who feels romantic attraction towards another person only after they have met that person. is They were attracted to them initially. Skilo/Ceteromantic: A person who experiences romantic attraction towards people who identify as non-binary. Abroromantic: A person whose romantic attraction is for different gender expressions.

What is a squish asexuality? A squish is An aromantic crush, a desire to be in a platonic relationship. As A crush is not the same as a crush is The desire to be in a romantic relationship. Usually If someone is squishy about someone, they want a close friendship and to get to know them better.

What Does Aroflux mean? Aceflux Or aroflux

These These terms refer to Someone whose ability to attract romantic or sexual love changes over time.

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