What happened to Craigslist dating? But ads seeking romance or sexual connections are no longer going to be available, after Craigslist took down the “personals” section Friday for its U.S. site. The company says it made the change because Congress has passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, meant to crack down on sex trafficking of children.

What are the alternatives to Craigslist personals? 

20 Best Craigslist Personals Alternative Websites For Dating and Casual Encounters in 2022
  • 1.) Reddit Personals.
  • 2.) Adult Friend Finder.
  • 3.) Ashley Madison.
  • 4.) Locanto.
  • 5.) Tinder.
  • 6.) Kasual (fka Yumi)
  • 7.) Plenty of Fish.
  • 8.) Pernals.

What is Cragly? Cragly, a New Craigslist Personals Alternative App, Aims to Change The Selfie-Swiping Culture. Yumi is the place where you can find a girl or a guy to have sex with and enjoy any sign of adventurous sexual activity that can cross your mind.

What happened to Craigslist dating? – Additional Questions

How reliable is Doublelist?

Overview. Doublelist has a consumer rating of 4.44 stars from 14,252 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Doublelist ranks 12th among Gay Dating sites.

What’s another site like Doublelist?

So, stay with us to find out more about our alternatives to Craigslist for sex.
  • Adult Friend Finder.
  • Craigslist Community.
  • Ashley Madison.
  • Doublelist.
  • Kasual.
  • Reddit Personals.
  • Bedpage.
  • Locanto Personals.

Does Doublelist charge a fee?

How much does Doublelist cost? Doublelist is free.

Is DoubleList private?

The messages you have with DoubleList are protected, so someone else could not view them unless you told them.

When was double list created?

The website is growing, thanks to word of mouth very much like Craigslist grew when it began back in 1995. And like CL, DL keeps it simple. The sexual language tends to be familiar, but gone are the happy ending massages and the endless ads looking for Mr.

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