What happened at Loudoun County school? The chief of staff for Virginia’s Loudoun County school district has been fired after a still-secret investigation into sexual assaults by a boy who was allowed to stay in classes, according to local reports.

What happened at Loudon? Loudoun County has found itself at the center of scandal after the revelation that a male student who sexually assaulted a girl in a girls’ restroom went on to assault another student in another school after the school transferred him to that school.

Did Loudoun County School Board cover up? Virginia’s Loudoun County School Board, which was accused of covering up the sexual assault of a high school girl last year, could be voted out of office en masse in November if Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin gets his way.

Did Loudoun County school superintendent resign? A year and a half after leaving Loudoun County Public Schools to become the superintendent of a Houston, TX, area school division, Eric Williams this week stepped down from that post. Williams announced his resignation during a Clear Creek Independent School District Board of Trustees meeting Monday.

What happened at Loudoun County school? – Additional Questions

Who is the superintendent of Loudoun County?

In a separate letter obtained by 7News, the State Superintendent at the time put Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler on notice in November — telling Dr. Ziegler that the incident and referral to local law enforcement should have been recorded.

How much does Loudoun County superintendent make?

Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler recently received a $28,000 raise from the School Board, putting his salary at $323,000 going into the 2022-2023 school year.

Who is Buta Biberaj?

Buta Biberaj (JD ’93) Becomes First Elected Female Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney. My law school class in the late 1950s numbered over 400; the class included one Black student, and fewer than ten women.

How much do Loudoun County School Board members make?

Any raise this board OK’d would not go into effect until the next board is seated in January 2020. School Board members make $20,000 per year and the chairman makes $22,000. Unlike county supervisors, they do not have staff members.

Who is in charge of Loudoun County schools?

The LCPS system, while operated on a day-to-day basis by the Superintendent (Dr. Scott A. Ziegler), is managed under the direction and authority of the Loudoun County School Board, a nine-member panel elected by citizens in the county.