What does the devil emoji mean on Grindr? The Purple Devil

The devil emoji One of many common features in gay dating apps such as Grinder Scruff. It This usually means that the The intentions of the sender are not innocent.

What does LMT mean Grindr? 

Summary Of Key Points
Definition: Let Me Think
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 4: Difficult Guess
Typical Users: Adults Teenagers

What does UC mean on Grindr? Straight Guys get their first taste of GrindrNext, figure out what you are looking for. the Gay men may use different abbreviations mean (my favorite: the guy who thinks “UC” stands for “Untidy Conditions” – HA)(it stands for “Uncircumcized” btw).

What does What does FF stand to? FF is an acronym that stands for Friends forever.

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What does Yrh mean Texting?

Acronym Definition
YRH Your Royal Highness
YRH Yves R. Hamel & Associates, Inc. (Montreal, Canada)
YRH Yarmouth Regional Hospital (Canada)
YRH YACYeast Artificial Chromosome) Representation Hybridization (genetics)

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What does YRA mean Texting?

You To Race In All. Miscellaneous » Unclassified. Rate it: YRA.

What Is the What does yd mean?

Yd is A written abbreviation of yard.

What does YW mean?

The Abbreviation: yw is an acronym for the internet You’re most welcome. Yw Sometimes, it stands for yes, whatever and you whitey.

What Is the What does M mean?

2. m A written abbreviation of metres or, metre. The At its narrowest point, island measures only 200m in width. 3. m can be abbreviated in writing. the number million.

What does S t mean In fanfiction

(S/t) Skin tone.

What does GN mean dirty?

GN stands for “Grooves Not Included”.Get naked“” is a command that asks a person to take off his or her clothes. It It is used online in sexting, either in text messages or during video chats.

What does F C mean?

Acronym Definition
F/C Flight Control
F/C Film Coated
F/C Fever/Chills (medical)
F/C Foley Catheter (Medical; Urinary catheter)

What does H C mean?

Acronym Definition
HC High-Capacity
HC High Court
HC Hockey Canada (formerly Canadian Hockey Association)
HC High Capacity

What do EC mean?

Abbreviation ec
EC: Meaning Category
EC European Commission Open Standards
EC Enhanced Carbine Military
EC Electoral Commission Ghana
EC Ecuador (ISO 3166 digram, FIPS 10-4 country code). Acronym