What does mean on Snapchat?  ️ doesn’t actually mean anything, It’s an emoji. Gunna is using to promote the new song Pushin P. In his bio, he has the words “CAPITAL ️” and he often uses the emoji in his captions too.

What does diamond mean on Grindr? The The diamond emoji can be used to refer to crystal meth The snowflake symbol is used by people who want to buy cocaine. Some Grindr Users feature the capital letter T on their profiles. This is the street name for meth. Tina.

What does The mean? The Soft Ice Cream emoji depicts soft-serve ice cream in a cone. The Emojis can be used to refer either to ice cream, cold desserts, such as frozen yogurt, and dessert in general.

What does Ice cream mean Texting? The Many Slang Terms This is Methamphetamine

‘ The Illegal drug Also known as ‘cream’ RecentlyPeople have been calling it ice cream by combining the two. If If you’ve ever heard someone say they’ve been eating ‘icecream’, it’s possible that they’ve been using crystal meth.

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What does the emoji mean?

Ice Cream emoji

The Ice Cream emoji depicts a bowl of ice cream. This Emoji can be used to represent ice cream or dessert. , The Ice Cream emoji is especially used during July, National Ice Cream Month In the USA, and in particular on The third Sunday In July (July 18 in 2021), National Ice Cream Day.

What does mean on Snapchat?

What does T-Rex emoji mean? Depicting A photo of a friendly-looking friend Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur, the T-rex emoji is used to share information or enthusiasm about dinosaurs … in general. Related words: t-rexed. t-rexting.

What Is this the happiest Emoji?

Also Known As
  • Grinning Face.
  • Happy.
  • Happy Face.
  • Smiley Face.

Is The poop-emoji icecream?

Burger King In Brazil It has introduced a Poop Emoji Ice Cream Promoted its recent announcement that all its icecreams and desserts are free of artificial ingredients. Details emailed to Marketing Dive. As Its name is the ice cream product resembles the “poop” emoji, complete with eyes and mouth.

What Is this the oldest emoji

The World’s First Emoji Set

SoftBank, also known as J-Phone SkyWalker DP211SW mobile phone is available at the moment on The 1st November 1997 was the year of the first known emoji sets. The Set includes 90 emoji characters, including one of the most famous emoji characters in history. Unicode StandardThe poo emoji.

What is this emoji ♂?

‍♂️ Deaf Man.

What does mean Texting?

Used To express drunkenness, sexual desire, or a grimace. — Butt. — Means “hot” in a sexual sense; a kid might comment this on Their crush’s Instagram For example, selfie — “Dump truck,” which refers to a large and/or shapely bottom.

What does mean Texting?

The Palms Up Together emoji depicts two hands positioned close together with open palms facing upwards. It It is often used to signify Prayer or begging.

What does mean Texting?

Zombie emoji is Sometimes used metaphorically to describe a person who feels tired or braindead—like a zombie. 3hrs of sleep ‍♀️ — renée (@asxera) December 31, 2017.