What does Bobo mean in Spanish? adjective. stupid [adjective] Slow to understand; foolish. It’s silly [adjective] Not sensible; foolish

What does Bobo mean in Dominican slang? Fool. More Meanings of bobo fool noun. tonto, necio, idiota, imbécil, bufón.

What does Bob mean in slang? Bend Over BoyfriendSlang term for a sexual practice.

Is Chula a compliment? In Mexican SpanishIf you find something (or someone) that you like, chulo/chula will be the word you use. in A kind, non-sexual and romantic way to be really beautiful. Use It can be used as a compliment to someone’s outfit or to say that you think they look cute today.

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What does Bozo mean in slang?

: A foolish or incompetent individual.

Whats Is it a bimbo

: An attractive, but stupid woman.

What What is a male bimbo?

HimboThe slang term for a handsome but unimpressive man is “he”, a portmanteau of bimbo and him. The The first recorded use dates back to 1988.

What Do you call someone who doesn’t like attention?

Introverts They tend to be quiet and subdued. They It is not a good idea to be the center of attention even if it is positive.

What does FRIV mean?

Friv It is very short Games Online Free. Friv What does it mean? Games Online Free. Friv An abbreviation of Games Online Free.

What does Go to the brink mean?

Definition The brink

: the edge at the top of a steep cliff —usually used figuratively to refer to A point that is very close or very close to the occurrence (less often) of something very bad. He His drug addiction nearly cost him everything, but his friends saved him.

What does You should tie yourself up in Knots mean?

Definition Tie oneself (up). in Knots

1 : To cause problems by being too careful, trying too hard, etc.. The Mayor tied himself in Answering a sensitive political question with knots

What does Unrestrainable mean?

Definition The unrestrainable

: Unrestricted : uncontrollable.

Is Brang What is a word?

Brang Has never been accepted as an acceptable word in dictionaries But it is in common use in spoken English As the past simple form of Bring. The Correct form according the dictionaries is Brought. When You are learning EnglishLearn the past simple and present participle verb forms.