What are the 12 words that trigger a man’s hero intuition? 

Ways To Trigger His Hero Instinct
  • 1)- Never Pull Him Down. I can say one factor at all times put your love forward of your EGO.
  • 2)- Overdo Kills The Charm.
  • 3)- Let Him Sense That He Makes You Happy.
  • 4)- Support His Goals.
  • 5)- Show Him That You Love Him.
  • 6)- Be Challenging.
  • 7)- Be grateful.
  • 8)- Don’t Try To Control Him.


How do you make a man really feel like a man? 

Here’s tips on how to have a good time your manly-man and make your marriage even higher.
  1. Contrast is every little thing. One method to make your husband really feel like a man is to behave like a girl.
  2. Recognize his bodily energy.
  3. Let him lead.
  4. When he appears good, inform him!
  5. Flirt.
  6. Teach your children to admire him.

What makes a man really feel much less of a man? “What makes a man much less of a man is not figuring out what he needs. Being impolite to family and friends, not having respect for himself and others round them. If he isn’t motivated in life or invested in his future, he lets others do the work for him, and would not make his personal choices.

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How do you therapeutic massage a man’s ego?

12 Ways to Massage His Ego
  1. Accept His Help and Tell Him How Strong He Is.
  2. Tell Him He’s a Tough Guy.
  3. Tell Him You Feel Safe With Him.
  4. Admire His Muscles.
  5. Award Him the Title of “Best Kisser Ever”
  6. Tell Him You Crave Him.
  7. Call Him Handsome or Good-Looking.
  8. Tell Him He’s a Smooth-Talker.