Is us better than UK? Generally Speaking, I think The UK is better If you’re looking for a more balanced life, where safety, education and social security nets are important to you,. Higher Higher quality education and lower tuition fees at universities

What’s Which country is the best? 

  • Canada. #1 in Quality This is Life. #1 in Best Countries Overall.
  • Denmark. #2 Quality This is Life. #12 in Best Countries Overall.
  • Sweden. #3 Quality This is Life.
  • Norway. #4 Quality This is Life.
  • Switzerland. #5 in Quality This is Life.
  • Australia. #6 Quality This is Life.
  • Netherlands. #7 Quality This is Life.
  • Finland. #8 Quality This is Life.

Are British people nice? Foreigners Many people around the world are puzzled by the mystery of why this happens. British You will appear so secure. WellThis is not the truth. British or their culture. In fact, The British People are friendly, open, and friendly.

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What The most British name?

The UK’s most common name is revealed…and it’s not what you think
Ranking Top 100 List Name Number Of adults on Open Register1
1 David Smith 6,163
2 David Jones 5,959
3 John Smith 4,742
4 Michael Smith 4,321

Is UK or US better To live?

Overall, The cost of living in the U.K. has dropped by 0.49% than The United States. Rent The overall average is around 22.55% lower in U.K. You To afford a modest lifestyle, you’d need $4700 per month LondonFor an equivalent lifestyle, the cost of a similar lifestyle is $5,822 compared to a price of $5,822. New York City.

What Do British What do people call cigarettes?

FAG, a brand of Schaeffler Group. CigaretteIn British slang. FaggingIn British Public schools

What Do they call biscuits in England?

Scone (UK) / Biscuit (US)

American You can also make biscuits, but they are totally different. These These are the crumbly cakes British Scones are what people call them. They are made with butter, jam and sometimes clotted milk.

What Do British Are people hungry for breakfast?

Sometimes Also known as a “fry-up”, the full version of this dish is called a “fry-up”. English Breakfast is made up of Fried eggs, sausages and back bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and fried bread are all options.. It It is served with hot, buttery toast and tea or coffee.

What Is an Irish breakfast?

All Full Irish Breakfasts can include any or all of these: BaconSausages, baked beans and eggs, as well as grilled tomatoes and leftover potatoes, can be made into a hash or bubble and squeak. There There will be plenty of tea, butter, toast, and marmalade.

What Do British Call it biscuits and gravy

At What time do you need? British Have you ever had dinner?

Evening meals in the UK can still be enjoyed a little earlier than They are also found elsewhere EuropeThe dinner hour ranges from 6:30 p.m.-8 p.m.

What Is breakfast called in? England?

Breakfast: This Some call it brekkie, but it is not common. Breakfast Although the breakfast menu is the same, it will vary greatly depending on where you are located. Both Britain And Ireland Famous for their famous cooked breakfast known as “Full” or “cooked breakfast.