Is Taimi only for gay? Taimi started out as an online dating application for gay men. However, the company announced several times plans for LGBTQI+ inclusive version in the past. Taimi currently provides social networking and dating services to LGBTQ+ people, including livestreaming, video calling and chatting.

What dating app did Jules? After her surgeries she starts sleeping around but she uses GRINDR, the dating app for gay men, who still treat her as a male.

Is Jules fully transitioned? Yes! Jules has actually been transitioning since she was 13-years-old, four years before the show starts. The character of Jules actually matches the actress who plays her, Hunter Schafer, who also transitioned into a transgender woman.

Is Jules a boy? The show is Euphoria, HBO’s controversy-courting teen drama, and the character is Jules, a charismatic young transgender girl with Rapinoe-pink hair and a heart that looks for love in all the wrong places.

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What does Jules inject herself with?

Finally, she mentioned that the scene where Rue is injecting Jules’ estrogen was her favorite to film during the entire episode (“It was such a special scene to film.

What was Jules boy name Euphoria?

Only briefly after their friendship began, Rue started to develop romantic feelings for Jules. As Rue fell in love with Jules, Jules started talking to a boy named “Tyler” on a gay dating app and quickly became enamored with him.

Is Jules masculine or feminine in French?


Where is Jules from Euphoria from?

Hunter Schafer
Born December 31, 1998 Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.
Alma mater Needham B. Broughton High School North Carolina School of the Arts
Occupation Actress model activist
Years active 2017–present

Is blonde girl in Euphoria a guy?

Who is Jules in Euphoria? Jules Vaughn in Euphoria on HBO is played by Hunter Schafer. The character is transgender and the new girl in town, after transferring high school.

Is Nate in love with Jules?

In season two, episode three of “Euphoria”, it was finally revealed to Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) that his son, Nate (Jacob Elordi), is “in love” with Jules (Hunter Schafer).

Is Cal Jacobs pansexual?

Cal Jacob confessed to his family that he is a pansexual in Euphoria season 2, episode 4.

Why did Nate catfish Jules?

In season 1, Nate caused a lot of trouble for multiple characters, including Jules, who he catfished as a revenge tactic for sleeping with his dad. At the time, Jules had been keeping her distance from Rue, who had a feeling that what went down between Jules and Nate had something to do with it.

Who is Nate in love with?

In season two, episode three of “Euphoria”, it was finally revealed to Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) that his son, Nate (Jacob Elordi), is “in love” with Jules (Hunter Schafer).