Is Miss Spain transgender? Ángela Maria Ponce Camacho (born 18 January 1991) is a Spanish model and beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss Universe Spain 2018. Ponce made history on 29 June 2018 as the first openly transgender woman to be crowned Miss Spain.

Who is the current Miss Spain? 

Year Miss Universo España & Miss Mundo España (Miss Universe Spain & Miss World Spain)
2019 Natalie Ortega Tafjord — Miss Universo España
María Del Mar Aguilera Zuheros — Miss Mundo España
2020 Andrea Martínez Fernandez — Miss Universo España
Ana García Segundo — Miss Mundo España

Is Miss Paraguay a transgender? In 2022, Kendal Hirschfeld, also known as La Comadre on social media, became the first openly transgender to compete for the Miss Grand Paraguay title.

Is Miss Spain transgender? – Additional Questions

What country has the most crown in Miss Universe?

India is one of the eight nations that have produced the most Miss Universe winners. Harnaaz Sandhu won the most recent Miss Universe competition, giving India a total of three Miss Universe crowns. Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu has crowned Miss Universe in Eilat, Israel on December 13, 2021.

Which country holds the most Miss Universe titles?

“ Venezuela is the undisputed queen of the pageant world. In addition to seven Miss Universe titles, women from the South American country have won eight Miss International competitions, six Miss World titles, and two Miss Earths.

Which country has the most number of Miss World winners?

Most victorious countries/territory
Country/Territory Miss World Total wins
Brazil 1971 6
Philippines 2013 15
Puerto Rico 1975 2016 10
United States 1973 1990 2010 15

1 more row

Who has the most Miss Universe winners?

We rounded up every Miss Universe and, using the Miss Universe Organization’s archive, figured out which countries have the most titleholders. The United States has had eight Miss Universe winners. Venezuela has produced seven Miss Universe winners. Puerto Rico has brought home five Miss Universe titles.

Do the Miss Universe winners keep the crown?

Even though the title winner can wear it for selected events, the super expensive crown is the property of the Miss Universe Organization.