Is asexuality a hormone imbalance? Asexuality It is not a hormone imbalance.

Many Asexuals have had hormone testing done and found that they are within normal levels. Some Asexuals have gone through a lot. hormone Therapy for other conditions, but have not reported any change to their sexual orientation.

Can asexuality be cured? Asexuality It is not possible to fix it with medication or therapyTherapy can be helpful in some cases, but it is not always possible to accept yourself. HoweverThere are a There are very few conditions that are as similar as asexualityBut which may have been a Medical basis.

Can asexual get pregnant? Again There is nothing more about asexuals bodies than there is. They The same plumbing as the sexual organs. If If an asexual woman is having intercourse but doesn’t use or fails to use birth control, she may get pregnantShe can also give birth to the child, just like sexual women.

Does Viagra Work for asexuals Viagra Some sexual people may not even find it useful.. It It does not give you an erection.

Is asexuality a hormone imbalance? – Additional Questions

Can Are asexuals looking for someone hot?

It It all depends on the individual. Some asexuals feel an aesthetic attraction while others don’t. (and are) a-aesthetic). If If you are interested, AVEN’s FAQ also discusses this topic.

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