How many transgender MMA fighters are there? In the sport of mixed martial arts, there have been 2 transgender athletes who have fought professionally with women’s MMA fighters.

Is cyborg The UFC fighter a man? Cris Cyborg, a UFC fighter, was not born as a man but as a woman. Cris Cyborg, aka Cristiane Justino Venâncio, is a legendary mixed martial artist who competes under the name Cris Cyborg. She is the current Bellator champion as well as a previous fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

What female UFC fighter was a man? 

Fallon Fox (born November 29, 1975) is an American retired mixed martial artist (MMA), and the first MMA fighter who is openly transgender. Toledo, Ohio, U.S.

Mixed martial arts record.

Professional record breakdown
By submission 2

How old is UFC Cyborg? 

37 years (July 9, 1985)
Cris Cyborg / Age

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How much is Cyborg worth?

How to Contact Cris Cyborg?
Nickname Cris Cyborg
Estimated Net Worth $28 million
Endorsements Air Asia, Reebok, and GRRRL clothing, Fusion Labs, EXTRACT
Title Former UFC, INVICTA featherweight champion, Current Bellator featherweight champion
Manager Paradigm sport management

Is Cris Cyborg still married?

Cris Cyborg is engaged to ‘Magical’ Ray Elbe. Ray Elbe is a former professional mixed martial artist and holds a professional MMA record of 23-11.

Why did Cyborg leave UFC?

Cyborg’s seven-fight UFC career ended after she had a nasty spat and split with UFC president Dana White in the summer of 2019. Soon afterward, she signed with Bellator.

How many kids does Cris Cyborg have?

Cris Cyborg’s bio: age, net worth, weight, wife, husband, kids, wiki 2022
Nick Name: Cris Cyborg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Divorced
Husband/Spouse (Name): Evangelista Santos (M. 2005–2011)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter): No/Yes (name)

Does Cyborg have a daughter?

Join Cyborg every Thursday until the end of the quarantine period for a ‘weekly workout’ with the champion Cris Cyborg and her 14 year old Daughter Gabby Justino.