How does a transgender woman know her bra size? 

Since most bra calculators are not accurate, we recommend calculating manually.

Calculate cup size

  1. Subtract the band measurement (the first number) from the bust measurement (the second number).
  2. Round up the difference to the next whole number.
  3. Look up that number on the chart below.
  4. That letter is your cup size.

Can you wear a push up bra with breast forms? Push-up breast forms are unique and different from other types of breast form products. The push-up breast form is NOT concave on back. It fills the bottom of the bra and pushes the breast up and out of the bra for more cleavage. It can work with any type of bra, but it works best with a push-up bra.

How do you wear breast forms? Breast forms can be worn in a few different ways. They can be tucked inside of a regular bra, slipped into the panels of a breast form bra (make sure you’ve got the right sides organized, if they’re asymmetrical!), or they can be attached directly to the skin with an adhesive tape.

How does a transgender woman know her bra size? – Additional Questions

How do you wear a teardrop breast?

How do you wear a teardrop breast form? It is best to insert your breast form into the bra pocket to ensure its position and hold close to your body. We recommend our Rora Front Closure for positioning your form easily and getting in and out of your pocketed bra.

What size breast forms should I buy?

How to Determine Silicone Breast Form Size. To determine the size of forms suited best to your body, you will first need to find your band size. With a tape measure, measure your torso just beneath your armpits. Band sizes come in even numbers, so if you find you measure at an odd number, go down one size.

How long can you wear breast forms?

And as far as asking how long can you wear bra forms, they can last as long as five years with proper care. Change and wash your bra form daily to ensure that the adhesive surface lasts longer.

How do you turn a regular bra into a mastectomy bra?

If you have any pre-surgery bras hanging around in a dresser drawer, don’t toss them out yet. Try converting one of your regular bras into a mastectomy bra by sewing a simple fabric pocket into the cup. Then, just slip your prosthesis or breast form into the pocket and try on your altered bra!

What is a pocketed bra?

Pocket bras are designed for post mastectomy wear. They are comfy bras with a pocket inside of each cup that is designed to hold a mastectomy insert. They can be worn with or without inserts and can be worn by anyone, not just post-mastectomy.