Do trees have feelings? Trees — and all plants, for that matter — You will feel nothingScientists have recently reported in an article that consciousness, emotions, cognition, and cognition are all hallmarks of animals.

What Finally, the tree is killed? Pulling Take the tree out of the mother earth and scorch and choke it in the sun and the air. Trees are killed

Where Are snakes able to hide? Where Is the snake able to hide? Answer: The Snake hides itself Hinter den stout marsh plants. Question 10.

How How will the bark heal from the bleeding? The The bark that has been bitten by a blemish will heal. As a sapling, the tree will grow from earth.. Was This answer was helpful?

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How Does a tree ever grow? Class 9?

Answer: The Tree grows to its full size By eating food from the earth’s crust for several years and absorbing sunlight, water and air.. The The tree’s activity and life are reflected in the words: slowly growing, consuming the earth.

How Did the tree really want to be cut?

How Did the tree really want to be cut? The Tree wanted that. First, the top branches. Then the middle branches. Finally, the trunk. To be cut. Because If the wood cutters cut the tree in one stroke, it could fall on the other trees They would be hurt.

What The tree will not be saved by one person.

Answer. Explanation: In The poem “On Killing You can find more information at Tree’ Give Patel That is what it says If a tree has been repeatedly hackedThis alone will not be enough to kill a tree. The The bark that has been bled will heal and ‘curled green tips’ will appear.

What What happens after the bark bleeds

The As ‘curled green branches’ and miniature boughs will grow from the bark, bleeding bark will heal.. These branches and boughs will expand and the tree will regrow to its full size again.”

Where Is the snake safe from being hurt?

The The poet wishes the snake would go Over the water into reeds To hide from its pursuer and not be hurt.

Who Is the snake that is most deadly?

The Saw-scaled viper (Echis carinatus) Scientists believe this snake is the most deadly of all snakes. It is responsible for more human deaths per year than all other snakes combined. Its However, venom can be fatal for less than 10% of untreated victims. However, the snake is aggressive and bites often and early.

Do Snakes have throats?

The The front one-third of a snake’s body is taken up by its throat. It This will lead to a very long stomach that, like the throat of the snake, will stretch to the size and shape of the food it is eating.

What Looks elegant and beautiful?

The Snake It is safe. It It is green in colour. The poet uses these words for conveying beauty : “beautiful and graceful, glides, small and green’. The The poet wishes safety for snakes.

Why Does he suddenly curve his body?

Explanation: The The snake tried to escape the man by using a stick.. With His thin, long body allows him to run and make sudden carvings. The Poetry thinks his curves are beautiful, and impressive.