Are any Disney characters transgender? On July 24, 2021, The Owl House episode “Eda’s Requiem” featured a character named Raine Whispers, who goes by they/them pronouns and is voiced by transgender and non-binary actor Avi Roque. Raine is Disney’s first non-binary character.

Who is Nikki on Raven’s Home? In season 5 episode 15, titled The Fierce Awakens, viewers are introduced to a new character named Nikki (played by Juliana Joel), who Raven interviews to be her assistant.

Is Mulan transgender? If you’ve never really thought of Mulan as a queer film, that’s okay. It does, after all, feature a heterosexual romance between its crossdressing title character and the military leader whose battalion she joins after disguising herself as a boy.

Who plays Raven’s assistant in Raven’s home? Portrayed by

Nikki is a young adult resident of San Francisco, that becomes Raven’s unpaid assistant. She comes from a wealthy background, but her father restricted access to her trust fund unless she has a job. She is portrayed by Juliana Joel.

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Did Tess leave Raven’s home?

The move welcomes back Rondell Sheridan as Baxter’s lovable father, Victor Baxter, but also results in a departure of several series regulars, including Navia Robinson (Nia), Jason Maybaum (Levi), Sky Katz (Tess) and Anneliese van der Pol (Chelsea).

Why did Chelsea leave Raven’s home?

Perhaps van der Pol’s absence from season five is due to scheduling issues between her concert tour and the show’s production.

What happened to Navia Robinson?

Navia Robinson Played Nia Baxter-Carter

The actress went on to voice the role of Dora in Dora the Explorer and will star in We Are Gathered Here Today. She was cast in The CW series Gotham Knights in March 2022.

Who plays Layla on Ravens home?

Sissy Sheridan (I)

Where is Nia in the new Raven’s home?

Booker’s twin Nia is staying back in Chicago along with much of the original “Raven’s Home” cast. “We do have a very diverse cast and it shines a light on our writers as well and our crew members who are very much all in there, but it’s fun to be able to come back,” Raven-Symoné said.